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We enable businesses to safely and securely utilize Generative AI. Your business information remains protected when using our products. Our goal is to eliminate barriers for businesses looking to adopt AI for security purposes.


Our solution is all about speed. Can we deliver accurate and relevant information rapidly? We're committed to helping your business by addressing any challenges that may come up when engaged with us.


Our goal is to provide businesses with flexibility in customization to enhance business potential. We offer clear plans to help businesses understand where to implement and improve operations.

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Latest News

May 14, 2024

"ChatWidgetGPT," an AI chatbot capable of generating GFLOPS, became compatible with the latest model "GPT-4o."

April 18, 2024

"DonaChat," a chat tool capable of automatically translating customer messages into your language for sending and receiving, was officially released.

March 3, 2024

Japan's first! Pre-registration has begun for simultaneous translation chat between "human" and "human" using AI, which can be started immediately with credit card payment. ※1

Febrary 8, 2024

GFLOPS Inc. has been accepted into Microsoft's startup support program, "Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub."

Febrary 2, 2024

GFLOPS has been selected for Google's startup support program "Google for Startups.

January 16, 2024

Released "ChatWidgetGPT," a generative AI chat that can be easily integrated with just one code.

December 6, 2023

Released "AIkotoba," a generative AI multilingual translation service for our international customers.

November 22, 2023

x-Google employees co-founded GFLOPS, utilizing generative AI technology to create next-generation customer experiences.

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