RIKEN starts real-time user support for the supercomputer Fugaku with GFLOPS’s Generative AI assistant “AskDona.”

July 9, 2024

From the left: RIKEN's Division Director of the Operations and Computer Technologies Division Shoji, Senior Technical Staff Mikami, Technician Nakamura, GFLOPS CEO Morimoto, and co-founder Suzuki.

Tokyo, Japan - July 9, 2024: RIKEN, a Japanese National Research and Development Agency, has selected GFLOPS’s AI assistant "AskDona," a chatbot powered by Generative AI to provide real-time customer support regarding the supercomputer Fugaku.

RIKEN provides technical assistance of the supercomputer Fugaku to domestic and international users through its "Fugaku Support Site." While it is crucial to provide comprehensive technical information, users often find it challenging to locate necessary information among numerous technical documents in various formats. In the meantime GFLOPS, supported by JAFCO's "First Leap" startup program, has initiated technical discussions with RIKEN regarding the implementation of Generative AI technologies.

After a thorough evaluation, RIKEN has chosen AskDona for the following key reasons:

  1. Accuracy: GFLOPS developed a customized document processing system tailored specifically for RIKEN's documentation. This bespoke solution successfully met RIKEN's accuracy criteria. AskDona will provide answers to customer inquiries based on all the FAQ pages, user guides and manuals about Fugaku in the form of chat and search in real-time.

  2. Enhanced Usability: AskDona offers a comprehensive solution that goes beyond simple chat-based responses. It incorporates an advanced knowledge search feature that efficiently lists relevant source documents, providing users with in-depth context and information. Furthermore, AskDona has been seamlessly integrated with the existing Fugaku Support Site's ticketing system. This integration empowers support agents to quickly understand the full context of each ticket, significantly improving response times and the overall quality of support.

 "We believed that utilizing Generative AI could dramatically improve Fugaku’s customer support. After JAFCO introduced GFLOPS to us, we quickly realized the effectiveness of the AI assistant AskDona. We look forward to continuing our collaboration to enhance services for Fugaku users," said Fumiyoshi Shoji, Division Director of the Operations and Computer Technologies Division at RIKEN Center for Computational Science.

"Since founding GFLOPS, with the support of JAFCO, RAG has been our main research topic to help businesses implement Generative AI. We are pleased that RIKEN has chosen AskDona and excited to enhance it even more by improving our document processing models with the complex Fugaku documentations. This opportunity to have AskDona used on the Fugaku Support Site, while getting feedback from RIKEN, is extremely valuable. We strongly believe our collaboration will leverage our technologies to the next level," said Maria Morimoto, CEO of GFLOPS.

AskDona Chat Screen

AskDona Chat Screen

About GFLOPS Co., Ltd.

GFLOPS, supported by JAFCO's "First Leap" program, was founded by two former Google employees. The company aims to create hybrid work solutions using Generative AI technology. GFLOPS's AI assistant "AskDona" is a Generative AI assistant capable of communicating on multiple channels such as SMS, SNS, Web, and business chat platforms. It generates responses based on the provided documents and can be integrated with over 10 task execution tools to perform tasks automatically. AskDona is powered by the latest large language models like ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini. 

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